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Oregon Salmon Fishing

Oregon is known as one of the best locations for Spring Salmon fishing & Fall Salmon fishing. Anglers can find productive Oregon Salmon fishing opportunities in progress for over 10 months of the year in Southern Oregon as timing of individual runs and rivers vary. In general the larger the river system (like the Rogue River) the earlier the salmon runs start in the year. Rogue River Spring Salmon fishing starts in March and small coastal rivers like the Elk River or Sixes River may see their peak Fall Salmon  runs in December or later.

Rogue River Salmon Fishing

Spring Salmon Fishing

The Rogue River in Southern Oregon provides the best Spring Chinook and Fall King fishing in Oregon. The Rogue River offers some of the best Spring Chinook action. Located on the Southern Oregon Coast where the Rogue River meets the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach Oregon. Best dates for Spring Chinook Salmon fishing season is April thru mid June on the Lower Rogue River near Gold Beach Oregon and June thru July on the Upper Rogue River near Medford Oregon.

Fall King Salmon

Famous Fall Chinook rivers of Southern Oregon include Wild and Scenic rivers like the Rogue River, Coquille River, Umpqua River, Coos Bay Estuary and the Chetco River; all featuring fabulous runs of Fall Kings.

Rogue River Salmon Fishing - Gold Beach Oregon

Fall Kings July to October

The Rogue River supports the largest Fall King fishery on the Oregon Coast. The Rogue Bay begins its fishery in July and is highly productive until early October. Kings stack in the calm tidal waters where anglers troll for 20# to 50# ocean bright Kings. Thousands of King Salmon are netted every year and the Rogue River Bay fishery is one of the most consistent producers of fine eating King Salmon in the world. The Kings here are 94% Wild Stocks with no restrictions on harvest as the Rogue's Fall Chinook runs are considered some of the healthiest runs in the country. Limit is 2 adult King Salmon per day per angler while Rogue River Salmon fishing at Gold Beach Oregon.

Coquille River Fall Salmon Fishing - Sept. and October

The Coquille is located at Bandon Oregon. The Coquille King Salmon fishery takes place in the very large tidal area of the lower Coquille River. This Salmon fishery is for the most part un-crowded. All King Salmon fishing is done by trolling the many miles of tidal area. Limit is 2 adult King Salmon per day per angler.

Coos Bay Fall Salmon Fishing - Sept. and October

The Coos River Fall Chinook Salmon Fishery is located at Coos Bay on a very large estuary. This salmon fishery is supported by what is likely the largest hatchery program on the Oregon coast. There is a commercial airport at Coos Bay / North Bend so angler can fly into the area and fish just a few yards from their hotel.

Chetco River Fall Salmon Fishing - Oct. to December

The Chetco River Fall Chinook Salmon Fishery is located at Brookings Oregon just 7 miles north of the California border.  King Salmon are big here and the Chetco River King's are written in angling lore. Fishing conditions are very weather related and it can be crowded. There is a commercial airport at Crescent City Ca. only 30 minutes south.

Fish Oregon is a full service Guide Service for Southern Oregon Salmon fishing and will give you and your party a pleasant experience on Southern Oregon rivers year around.

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Oregon Spring Chinook Salmon

The best Spring Chinook salmon in the world are found on the famous Rogue River at Gold Beach Oregon. The Rogue River Spring Chinook salmon won the Worlds Fair for eating quality every year entered. A fabulous quality for both fighting and eating, Spring Chinook run 15 to 40 pounds each, with a limit of two fish per angler per day. No non-fin clipped Springer's are allowed in your bag limit until June 1st. The Rogue River Spring Chinook fishery is a great salmon fishery for all skill levels.

We use our 22 ft. Power Boat for accessing the lower 8 miles of the Rogue River for Spring Chinook salmon fishing trips. Methods for Rogue River Spring Chinook fishing is to place our powerboat in narrow migration paths by anchoring on an inside corner in 3 to 6 ft. of water to intercept fast moving Spring Chinook salmon. The Spring Chinook are intent on moving very fast upriver 150 miles to the Upper Rogue spawning beds.

Spring Chinook fishery is entirely a conventional style of fishing with no fly fishing opportunities. Best baits are anchovies and spinners on the Lower Rogue River near Gold Beach Oregon and bounced roe and plugs on Upper Rogue River near Medford Oregon. Seasons for Spring Chinook Salmon are the middle of March to early June at Gold Beach Oregon and late May to late July near Medford Oregon.

Rogue River Fishing

Fall King season begins ahead of all other rivers on the Oregon and California coast. Oregon Fall Kings will stack in the lower 3 miles in cool tidal waters giving the angler lots of fresh milling Kings in the estuary. We troll for these Ocean bright Kings with anchovies and spinners. This is an easily learned fishery and anyone can participate. King Salmon run 18 to 50 # with most in low to mid 20's. Success is high with a two King limit. By mid September we are able to move upriver and fish the migrating Kings as they head to spawning area still in great condition.

This allows us to fish roe and back troll plugs.

Rogue River ~ Coquille River ~ Coos Bay Estuary ~ Umpqua River Fall Kings

Of all Oregon Salmon fishing rivers these rivers will test the best King Salmon angler. We will often set our drags on maximum stun to handle these big Kings. They are not the eating quality of earlier Spring Chinook runs but the make up for it in action. Running in size from 25 to 60 pounds with most fish 25 to 38 pounds.

September thru October limit two fish.

Oregon Salmon Fishing on the Rogue River at Gold Beach Oregon
30# Rogue River Salmon Fishing
Guide Service Gold Beach Oregon

Gold Beach Fising on the Rogue River
Rogue River Salmon Fishing
Gold Beach Oregon

Rogue River Fall Chinook Salmon Fishin at Gold Beach Oregon
Rogue River Fishing
Fall King Salmon

Rogue River Spring Chinook
Rogue River Fishing
30# Spring Chinook

Oregon Salmon Fishing at Gold Beach on the Rogue River
Rogue River Fishing
Fall Kings

Rogue River Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing, Gold Beach Oregon Fishing Trip
Dad and sons with nice Fall King

Oregon Salmon Fishing on the Rogue River at Gold Beach Oregon
Rogue River Fishing
Gold Beach Oregon

Sixes River Fall King Salmon Fishing / Oregon Fishing Trips
Hann Lee with 42# Sixes River Fall King